To Sir With Love by Lulu


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Not to be too emotional, but hey! A big thank you to all the jammers here for making me discover so many great tunes and for all the interesting and nice comments. Hope to see you on one of the other websites! #ThanksTIMJ #PenultimateJam

AlSmudja 25 Sep 2015

Ok so I couldn't wait! #ScottishWeek and a late #SundaySoother... Love this film and Sidney Poitier...   20

MadameZia 14 Sep 2014

Tell me this isn't amazing. Tell me. Actually, Don't tell me.

DBD365 1 Feb 2012

Happy Father's Day!!

melodyblattner 21 Jun 2015

Happiest of Father's Days to my loving Papa!

melodyblattner 15 Jun 2014

thanks @leejohnson for the inspiration this movie/song is how i was introduced to the lovely young lady   3

hsmagnet 19 Jan 2015