Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep by Lush

“I am back in the land of Twitter!”

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but phlannery was first  

I am back in the land of Twitter!   10

abigail.deeks 14 Mar 2015

90s Britpop cover of 70s bubblegum? I'm in.

wjdoughty 24 Oct 2014

If shoegaze has come back, can Lush be far behind?

grantimatter 21 Feb 2013

Awoke to the sounds of chirpy birds after dreaming of a Lush reunion, reminded me of this song.   2

porcupiny 27 Apr 2015

The GotterJammerung has bubblegum stuck to its shoegaze.   1

ThatWeissGuy 23 Sep 2015