Never Too Much by Luther Vandross

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plumms 4 Jan 2015

The always fantastic Luther Vandross   2

annaccampbell 19 Jul 2014

Capitulation. Yeh, alright, alright. I had kinda promised myself as a contrarion, not to get lured into #aweekofdisco but I appear to have lost the battle against my alter ego (he's a disco dazzler). During a rather fallow patch with the gals (well, I had turned 40) I suddenly became irresistible to women. This pheromone phenomenon, presented me with a rather stunning, younger lady, who fell for my Jason King-like charms. Awarding me her telephone number on a slip of paper, I clutched it like a prize, walking home in the howling wind, rain & dark.'s 3 in the morning, I'm walking past a phone box. Ah hell, i'll give her a call. The paper with magic number, flies out of my hand, over a high fence, onto a grassy knoll. Whining like a small dog, I climb the fence and crawl around, eventually finding said paper after about half an hour, by which point, I'm covered in mud. The things we do for lurve. She&me danced to this cracker in a club, quite a few times. I still love it...   29

21schizoid 28 Aug 2013

Always a crowd pleaser! @howayman this is for you :-)

Ourali 22 Sep 2014

It's the end of the day, but oh well. #FunkyFriday - Also, I first heard this song when @alexrhawkins jammed it. I've been listening to it pretty frequently since then.

AttackingToms 10 Apr 2015

What else is there to say? He was a one-in-a-million voice...   1

fuzzygums 12 Mar 2015