I Follow Rivers by Lykke Li

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but miralize was first  

I eventually got round to this album.......and I wasn't disappointed...   1

DavidAnderson 24 Mar 2015

This song has been in my head all weekend. I first heard it at an open air dance party down the street on Friday. I loved it instantly; especially since the whole bar erupted when it came on. Then, walking home later, trying to remember how it went, I found it was playing at my neighbor's party just as I was walking in. The perfect end to a perfect night.

AllisonMacLeod 28 Jun 2015

Really want to make something inspired by the atmosphere of this...<3

jimmym 28 Jun 2015

oh Lykke Li, Lykke Li...   5

rainbowasi 10 Feb 2015

I have been glued to the 6music festival all weekend. Lykki Li has been the star so far for me.   2

earthmonkeys 1 Mar 2014

Oh I beg you, can I follow? Oh I ask you, why not always? Be the ocean, where I unravel Be my only Be the water where I'm wading

SuzieLee1 28 Jul 2015