Tuesday's Gone by Lynyrd Skynyrd

“This is my JAM”

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This is my JAM

BobbieJean 6 Apr 2012

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HappyZebra 7 Apr 2013

Waking up, getting ready for the day, and listening to this. Good start!

gabee1148 4 Sep 2015

1973.   2

fsrlabel 22 Mar 2013

Another of my absolute all-time favourites for my #FinalJams that will forever be associated with love, laughter, late nights and lifelong friends.   3

substandard 21 Sep 2015

So, this song... Not only is it just absolutely fantastic musically, it also has a lot of fond (and rather hazy) memories attached to it for me as well; sitting up with my brother in his kitchen drinking at 4am after a night on the tiles, usually having commandeered a pub jukebox too, just talking – and, of course, listening. When Skynyrd got it right, which they did with almost alarming regularity, there are very few finer out there. There's absolutely nothing I would change about this song, nothing at all.   1

substandard 6 Oct 2014