Come Walk With Me by M.I.A

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“Loved her performance at YouTube Music awards”

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but dipc was first  

Loved her performance at YouTube Music awards

svennj 8 Nov 2013

This is what SHOULD have been my jam. Always preview! Lesson learned.

srhmillen 21 Dec 2013

Not recommended for viewers with photosensitive epilepsy...   1

Squarepusher 23 Feb 2014

Haven't had a chance to spend much time with this album, but saw this song on a lot of year-end lists and it was worth seeking out -- it's like a better version of the stuff she explored on MAYA.

bedtimebonzob 6 Jan 2014

Super catchy, the part from 1:30-2:10 is bonkers, samples OS X sounds lol

DrewFitz 28 Oct 2014


ammck 11 Dec 2013