Paper Planes by M.I.A.

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but dnlrchrt was first  

When I first heard it I was so...aghast, you know, up in arms. Being in Los Angeles, hearing the shots in the chorus, being scared and angry, seeing the video, thinking she was completely right, I was wrong, there it was.

wolodymyr 24 Sep 2015

Slumdog Millionaire was on the telly the other day...   1

derekahmedzai 25 Mar 2013

Some some some I some I murder, some I some I let go. #PaperPlanes @miauniverse #ThisIsMyJam

ciaoenrico 29 May 2015

Sweet memories <3

AleLovecats 9 May 2014

Woke up with this in my head. May not be strictly #FunkyFriday (#FF ?) material, but it works for me!   9

AlicejustMay 4 Oct 2013

Loving the 'Straight to Hell' intro

DaveCowlard 18 Sep 2015