Hydrogen by M|O|O|N

“Time to get things done.”

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Time to get things done.

Glutnix 18 Dec 2013

"Hydrogen" by |M|O|O|N| Awesome track from the awesome game, "Hotline: Miami."   1

zuko4444 25 Jul 2015

I hope the soundtrack for Hotline Miami 2 is as good as the first. Unrelated, but I need a new keyboard FAST.

andrepc 16 Mar 2015

Hop Hop chyc chyc

marcinrozalski 12 Feb 2015

Hotline Miami. A soundtrack to kill for.

Sam_Crisp 2 Nov 2012

I haven't actually played Hotline Miami but this song appeared on the "Boppingest Music" bit of a video I watched and I listened to it and now I want to dance.

abyssalGaze 16 Dec 2014