Girl In A Country Song by Maddie & Tae


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I am in love with @MaddieandTae's single, "Girl In a Country Song." Way to demand a little respect ladies! #Anti-BroCountry #FeministFuckYeah #music

femininethings 23 Jul 2014

I can't help it - I just love this! Humour always works for me!

Deirdre2_Borgia 9 Nov 2014

Bro Country gets a well deserved kick in the teeth.

mdstratton 13 Aug 2014


mdoughty88 26 Jun 2015

I hear a lot of awful frat boy country music at work, so this song made me super happy.   1

SoDamnBright 8 Nov 2014

A nice reply to #Saladgate and a catchy tune to boot. Well done, @MaddieandTae. Nice @GeorgeStrait shout out too. #countrymusic

AllEnglandClub 22 Jun 2015