Don't Tell Me by Madonna

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but clem was first  

Bet y'all had forgotten about this little slice of mid-noughties pop deliciousness

trivia_lad 13 Oct 2014

YES, I posted it recently. YES, it's tenuous at best. MADONNA AS COWGIRL *FANS SELF* and there are cowboys in the video SO IT'S FINE FOR #CowboyWeek   18

BertrandRustles 6 Jun 2014

One of the finest pop singles ever. And THAT video Oh my, I will never not LOVE Madonna.   21

BertrandRustles 6 Mar 2014

After all, I am gay

SamuelMoen 20 Feb 2014

There are better songs, and she's had better looks, But I really liked dusty, chequered shirt Madonna and this vid - Don't Tell Me   3

loboska 26 Feb 2015


geletilari 30 May 2015