Ghost Town by Madonna

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but vertigoshtick was first  

after all these years her voice is still great. the 80's live on. this song reminds of those halcyon days of springs past.

donlambertwork 14 Mar 2015

Something about this song is just so nice.

fitzsandoval 2 Apr 2015

The album is a grower and this track a standout. I think it's the lyrics that get me, "I'll be your fire when the lights go out". #Madonna #LivingforLove #ghosttown

bradscanlan 12 Mar 2015

Editing to this new love this week. #madonna @goldiloxphoto #Goldiloxphoto

goldiloxphoto 7 Apr 2015

#Madonna's amazing music video for the amazing "Ghosttown" is out now <-- This is a very important Song/Album, as it shows Madonna is over silly gimmicks and pointless collabs! This is effort, emotion and heart, 3 things lacking from Hard Candy and MDNA, yet these seem to be more of a "success" than this, the Ray of Light may have been waiting for since 1999? It confuses me! Congratulations, Madonna! It's beautiful!

DoItForFame 8 Apr 2015