Holiday by Madonna

janvajda’s jam on 14 Jul ’15 (See all)

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but McShank was first  

I have a few days off, so what song could be more appropriate than this.   1

andyknightesq 6 Aug 2012

It's a holiday...Celebrate. Merry Christmas to all.   12

marissapicone 25 Dec 2013

It was either this or Boney M....   13

meddlingwitch 10 Apr 2014

...ah shucks. RIP Monty Oum. For the permanent record, NOT fucking Madonna singing 'Holiday', but Monty Oum's 'Haloid'...   5

ZenPyramid 7 Feb 2015

#Holiday #Maui #Finally

alaina 22 Jan 2015

First week off in ages - time to celebrate with Lady Madge!

tomdwilly 6 Jun 2013