Holiday by Madonna

janvajda’s jam on 14 Jul ’15 (See all)

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but McShank was first  

First week off in ages - time to celebrate with Lady Madge!

tomdwilly 6 Jun 2013

...ah shucks. RIP Monty Oum. For the permanent record, NOT fucking Madonna singing 'Holiday', but Monty Oum's 'Haloid'...   5

ZenPyramid 7 Feb 2015

It was either this or Boney M....   13

meddlingwitch 10 Apr 2014

I have a few days off, so what song could be more appropriate than this.   1

andyknightesq 6 Aug 2012

Been away, and not connecting often enough to bother. Heading back to London now.

purplesime 19 Feb 2015

It's a holiday...Celebrate. Merry Christmas to all.   12

marissapicone 25 Dec 2013