Jump by Madonna

“This song is getting me pumped for my move!”

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This song is getting me pumped for my move!

fitzsandoval 12 Jul 2015

I'm Gearing up to change my life and smile

Maysiecakes 18 Jan 2012

Lyrics are great. Just watching this video hurts my knees.

Jejenka 20 May 2013

Not exactly a fan of Madonna but just CANNOT get this out of my head today thanks to Ugly Betty!!

BellaBakes89 24 Apr 2013

Madonna Louise Ciccone♪...rock diva♫... American singer-songwriter, actress, and entrepreneur♪...Dance, electronic pop, rock GENRES...my best singer ...Kool...♪   1

titusfrancis54 28 Mar 2014

There's only so much you can learn in one place. #madgeforalloccasions

msdixon 28 Feb 2013