Like a Prayer by Madonna


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#Brainwashing Number 6...Yup Madonna made the list as well for this little diddy. Back in 1989 Madonna was paid 5 Million ($9,402,077.65 in 2014 Money) To endorse Pepsi with this song. They had a three commercial ad campaigns planned and this was the first song by a major artist to be attached to a commercial BEFORE a public release. Go figure. Well the happy go lucky commercial played and then the MTV VIDEO played. Then the controversy ensued Religious groups and the Vatican condemned it and Pepsi pulled the ad campaign and Madge kept the $$. The Choir that backed up Madonna did not appear in the video and is the SAME choir on MJ's Man in the Mirror lead by Andrae Crouch (1942-2015). The controversial sample below...well this time I am not going to TELL you what you hear, not for a day or so anyway. I will let you decide.   16

SheRa 9 Apr 2015

This is my last "This is My Jam", so it has to end in a better way.

ArexMonster 25 Sep 2015

Can't stop playing classic Madonna at the moment.

Jasgra 14 Jan 2015

Enjoying this classic on a rainy day.

monsterpaperbag 5 Oct 2014

Hello our new post we explore 3 videos that were controversial as they criticized Religion: “It´s a Sin” by Pet Shop Boys, “Like a Prayer” by Madonna and “Sadness Part 1″ by Enigma. Remember you can follow us on twitter: @MVDeconstructed and on facebook: Also, remember to check out our FANTASTIC playlist:   16

MVD 18 Mar 2014

(live in japan - blond ambition tour) just found my immaculate collection cd! this one stuck out...

MAGlCK 27 Dec 2012