Living For Love by Madonna

“Can't believe this isn't more popular! Also, #THAT fall is very ironic.”

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Can't believe this isn't more popular! Also, #THAT fall is very ironic.   1

MattyD123 26 Feb 2015

i found freedom in the ugly truth

oddspiral 12 Mar 2015

I'm gonna get a tiny bit personal here. Living For Love was one of the first 13 tracks to leak from Madonna's new album back in December. I immediately fell in love with the demo. Something kept bringing me back to it. I put it on repeat and realised that the lyrics were really connecting with me. I'd spent 2014 so depressed after the breakdown of my last relationship and after so much crap had happened, yet the message in this song seemed to be healing it somehow. People either write about falling in love or a break up, but no-one ever writes a song about the part where you pick yourself back up, dust yourself off and give love another chance and that's exactly what I needed to hear. Now, every time I feel down or any time a boy breaks my heart (no names there), I listen to this song. Every time I have a crappy day, I look at the lyric I have tattooed on my arm and remember that things will actually be better if I remain positive and carry on living for love. Thanks, Madonna.

mmm_gash 25 Feb 2015

forget about her fall... this is an amazing dance track!!!! Although many may criticize her for not "acting her age"...we are grateful she does not live by society´s rules, we still love her!   12

MVD 5 Mar 2015

Madonna's tumble is properly cracking but that cape is worth more than I make in a month and this song is a banger.

theuncannyalex 26 Feb 2015

Early 90s house mixed with Like a Prayer. Loving this.

craigjohnson75 21 Dec 2014