The Light Pours Out Of Me by Magazine

“Happy Thursday!”

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Happy Thursday!

jimleatherman 23 Jan 2014

Let's pick this up again. #wsagjukebox The Light Pours Out Of Me.

wsagfanzine 23 Oct 2014

As the Commonwealth Games are in full swing, I'm sticking with 'Jock Rock' this week. Well, almost. Magazine came out of Manchester in the late 70's their guitarist was 100% Jockanese. The very special John McGeoch R.I.P. He went on to work with the likes of Siouxsie & the Banshees & PIL but its the stuff he did with a Yamaha SG1000 and Magazine that does it for me. Hope you likee.   6

Cranky 26 Jul 2014

Great Band . Mr Devoto was pretty cool !   3

rjmockett 27 Jan 2014

Change. #punkweek Hot on the heels of my leaving the relative safety of school, my prog loving tendencies were tested by the arrival of punk. My first encounter with this attitude driven genre, was in casually observing a brawl in Listen Records, Glasgow, involving a customer and employee, the latter of whom chose to spin a disc, Free Hindley by The Moors Murderers (a mercifully short-lived band, featuring a certain Steve Strange & Chrissie Hynde). The customer (rightly) asked for its' removal and when denied, chose to flatten the employee..welcome to punk.The wee bars around Glesga' were awash with 'musicians', some of whom could actually play. One such, was The Alleged. They didn't made it, but a finer punk covers band, I never saw. Indeed, I learned more about punk/new wave songs from them at the numerous gigs I attended, than I could ever have done from the NME. Anyway, this track was always my stone cold fave. Menacing bass & Mr Devoto's flat delivery make it a new wave classic...   28

21schizoid 27 Sep 2013

Time flies, time crawls.

fuijueves 19 Dec 2014