Shinzo No Tobira  by Mariah


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Found this from Lena Willikens's RA podcast

tmincey 27 Jun 2014

As passed down by Ed Cartwright   2

robleggatt 28 Feb 2012

(not carey)

gumxyz 26 Aug 2012

This goes out to @flaneur @ndreasa and @Han I learnt so many things with you! I learnt that if it's smooth, it sails. That <? php ?> is cool! (It is cool, okay?) I learnt many new curses in Swedish and also kind of basically how to program a computer to produce a website. I learnt about the power of circles, texture and joy in design. I possibly learnt a few important things about Canada, but the only one that stuck is that I quite want to eat poutine. I figured out the hard way that humans made technology happen so that they didn't have to manually grind coffee beans, nor should they have to fold filter paper unless they are keen on rituals. I learnt that if you fly @bwhitman in significantly cleverer things will happen everywhere but some of those things may involve whiskey. I learnt that if you want to deploy a website you're going to need the Jurassic Park theme tune (💖 John Williams 💖). I learnt a lot, I'm still learning. Thank you for everything.   1

_ralph 9 Aug 2015