As Tears Go By by Marianne Faithfull

“i sit and watch as tears go by”

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i sit and watch as tears go by

xoxolindseylou 17 Jan 2015

Currently reading Andrew Loog Oldham's Stoned.

JasonGarrattley 5 Dec 2012

From the days when I knew nothing about drugs, sex and rock and roll and just went to school and played footie and laughed a lot and maybe ate a mars bar on the way home if I had any pocket money left and if not, nicked one

SiSlade 19 Jan 2014

sweet perfection of youth

ladybs 19 Nov 2013

written by mick and keith in '62 for marianne   3

utopia 24 Aug 2012

another song from a film I've been watching

antonomasia 27 Nov 2012