Power by Marillion


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From the new album due out next month! I can't wait.

OSGC 14 Aug 2012

New Marillion! They played this when I saw them in New York last month.

svelteassassin 17 Jul 2012

From the forthcoming album "Sounds That Can't Be Made" - OUT September 14th 2012

RW104 21 Jul 2012

New album out in less than a month!

ImDonBecker 18 Aug 2012

A ridiculously good making-out song, it's the only track on Sounds That Can't Be Made in which the vocals are better than the instrumental behind it.

simoncollins 9 Jun 2015

This is a track from Marillion's new album Sounds That Can't Be Made - due September 2012 #Marillion

bvgiesen 18 Aug 2012