Deep Six by Marilyn Manson


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I must say I'm really lovin' this album! My favourite is "The Mephistopeles of Los Angeles" which I couldn't post but "Deep Six" is one of the best tracks on "The Pale Emperor" anyway.   13

HappyZebra 30 Apr 2015

clearly, no one liked my last song. sorry. I've already tried uploading 3 other songs and they weren't working, so this is my last option. oops.   1

chan 15 Apr 2015

You better watch yourself. Really digging this song, and Manson's new album, but for the most part it feels rather, restrained?   1

fryedrycestyle 25 Jan 2015

It's friday:D #FridayJam   1

Kelly_Ochoa 6 Feb 2015

marilyn manson is one of the top ten underrated comedic songwriters of the last twenty years

ddavidd 25 Jul 2015

A new favorite. Thus far, from what I've heard, The Pale Emperor is a pretty damn good album. Definitely one I'll have to pick up soon.

alyssamwbc 3 Mar 2015