Electra Heart by Marina and The Diamonds

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i'm electra, i'm electra heart. only living, living in the dark. lights they blind me. can we go back, go back to the start? where the holy father made his mark? lights they blind me. can we go back? #marinaandthediamonds #electraheart

amandalundberg 15 Aug 2013

Some days just need this!

sashatarr 20 Aug 2013

"Lights, they blind me for forgiveness."

njloverqoj 13 Oct 2014

SO GOOD. it's been stuck in my head alllll day.

zitao 17 Aug 2013

L I G H T S T H E Y B L I N D M E #marinaandthediamonds #electraheart #primadonna #diamonds #homewrecker

Jhonnygarcia 17 Aug 2013


jonnyneale5 9 Aug 2013