Lets Get It On by Marvin Gaye


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Knock knock. My contribution to #Motown. Ok, for perfectionists, it was released on Tamla, but I'm still claiming it! Big slinky Marv, gives me the opporchancity to reveal Business Centre goings on from my murky past. Little labyrinthian places with little businesses behind many doors. So, I'm working late and up at the closed reception pops a young lady, as I'm passing by. "Looking for Mr Winter. I have a 7pm appointment." Now I know Mr Winter. Financial adviser. Well a bit, but I don't know which office, so with 'client' in tow, we stalk the corridors in search of Mr W. After several locked doors, I find one opening, after a suitably stout knock. With Ms Client peering over my shoulder, I find Mr W & secretary in the advanced stages of a possible future presentation on the value of investments going up & down, with he as the vertical axis & she as the er, uppy downy bit. Fluctuation was never such fun. I closed the door & suggested that Ms Client rearrange. I wonder if she ever did..   32

21schizoid 3 Oct 2013

Marv models the 2015-2016 Hibs home strip...

H185MAN 4 Jun 2015

Baby-makin' music.   1

LiveAtTheApollo 4 Dec 2012

It's Monday!!!! And E4 just uptaded the playlist of My Mad Fat Diary. This means... NEW CHAPTER!!!! Loving your work E4! Loved the song choice! Good times for Rinn????

sahrabr 12 Jan 2015

Classic   2

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Happy Valentine's Day!   1

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