Body's in Trouble video by Mary Margaret O'Hara

“Ever feel like this?”

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Ever feel like this?   1

annkpowers 19 Mar 2014

While listening to my new favourite Frazey Ford the thought occurred to me that she sounded like fellow Canadian Mary Margaret O'Hara. But then I listened to this for the first time in along while and decided she's not really like here at all. But this is a fabulous piece of music, so I'll kick 2015 off with a song from about 25 years ago.

cwparker 7 Jan 2015

Catherine O'Hara's sister was apparently a critically-acclaimed indie musician in the late 80s, but only for a blip.

yesquite 22 Dec 2013

From the astonishing 1988 album "Miss America". Interview here -   8

guyhamilton552 6 Mar 2013

My favourite track from one of the greatest albums of the eighties - possibly the greatest. Ahh-hoo! Ahhh-hoo! Still love it today, played loud, shouting along.

czfry 16 Aug 2014

Who, who do you talk to? Oh, who do you talk to? When a body's in trouble   1

doublesided 29 Aug 2014