Teardrop by Massive Attack

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Farewell, This is My Jam. I'm leaving you with my all-time favorite song.

kplawver 23 Sep 2015

Little-known, not remotely overexposed song that's in my head. Probably because of some commercial. I hate you, capitalism. I love you, Massive Attack.

Rin 27 Apr 2015

Great set at Glasto and new music around the corner.

markwakeley 2 Jul 2014

Trip Hop 3. It may be obvious but it's one of my favourites. I couldn't post the original video but this is the best of what was available.   13

alisonsghost 15 Dec 2013

Incredibly atmospheric song.

CharlieSharpe96 4 Feb 2015

Haunting.   2

creativewhimsy 10 Apr 2015