The Motherload by Mastodon


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This makes me want to fuck dragons.

kierongillen 20 Jul 2014

a killer track from one of my favourite bands. The video though is quite odd. But still somehow hilariously fitting with the 'Don

BornWithABeard 14 Jun 2015

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Continuing with my #Top5 2014 albums, here's #Mastodon with #OnceMoreRoundTheSun AMAZING ALBUM!! A-MA-ZING!! Please Enjoy Sorry, I was away on vacations so I couldn't finish the countdown in December ;)   2

Metaldalz 6 Jan 2015 honor of their slaughter on GoT...   2

whitebuddha 2 Jun 2015

"This time, this time, things'll work out just fine! We won't let you slip away..."

Webimpulse 9 Mar 2015

I'm really diggin' this record. These guys #rock!

Rorro 21 Jun 2015