Can You Get To That by Mavis Staples


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Halle-bloody-lujah, summer's a-comin'...

anerdaxal 8 Apr 2013

I heard Mavis do this last night in Prospect Park and it was funky.

ethanhein 15 Jun 2013

Chosen for no particular reason... Ah yes, it's a good song!   1

chagota 23 Jul 2013

great production, great song.

designthinker5 18 Feb 2015

I find that no matter what the question, Mavis Staples is the answer.   2

earthmonkeys 16 Aug 2013

A cover of the Funkadelic tune from their '71 album Maggot Brain. I'm not sold on the new album, One True Vine, by this Chicago gospel and soul icon. Like her previous one, '10's You Are Not Alone, it was produced by Jeff Tweedy; whereas that record had a celebratory feel, every song on the new one seems restricted to a drab simmer. The difference may be that Tweedy and his son Spencer play most of the instruments on One True Vine. This track is my favorite, and Mavis doesn't even sing on the majority of it (Donny Gerard gets all the good lines). Nonetheless, while I can't recommend the album, this song has rattled in my head more than any other this week.   2

noyoucmon 19 Jul 2013