Spring 1 by Max Richter

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Change of pace.

jadedesumala 6 Aug 2013

From @maxrichtermusic's exquisite revision of Vivaldi's Four Seasons on @DGclassics. The uplifting 'Spring 1' is my new jam:

TheLittleChef 5 Apr 2015

Wow, can't wait to see this performed live at the end of the month.

arewenotben 15 Oct 2012

Stick this in your pipe and smoke it. This is an absolutely exquisite reworking of Vivaldi's original themes.

mootpointer 8 Mar 2013

Found on This Is My Jam. Thanks to @lowie3. Great music!

FroehlichMarcel 9 Nov 2012

A little beauty on a Monday afternoon.

millie918 21 Oct 2013