Brain Cells by Maximo Park


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This is so different for Maximo Park, really liking it, reminds me of mid 80's Depeche Mode (which is when I liked them).   1

madeofstone 24 Nov 2013

After hearing Graffiti for the first time over a shower radio (whilst bathing, not showering I might add) about a decade ago, I will finally be seeing this band in a few months. Childhood ambition no doubt!   16

lukestevo26 5 Feb 2014


D_Foofield 18 Nov 2013

They are SO GOOD again!

stickaround 16 Feb 2014

Their show in San Francisco was glorious and full of energy, and the new “Too Much Information” record has me completely hooked, to the degree of really struggling to pick just one song, there're a lot of top shelf pieces on there, straddling a few different styles. For now though, synths win out, and this is one Simon and I played on Eclectic Kettle (See: @bffdotfm) on Saturday morning, so it remains.   1

BenWard 20 May 2014

Röck döts at the ready - @maximopark return! Press play. Close eyes. Dance. Repeat.

FunSizeSuze 5 Feb 2014