The National Health by Maxïmo Park


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QMagazine 5 Apr 2012

The other day G and I listened to this song through headphones in the back of a taxi. It's just perfect, the London's Calling for our times.

kapowaz 15 Apr 2015

I have a bit of a soft for Maximo Park. No doubt we will be hearing a lot of the new album this summer.   1

5goodthings 27 May 2012

"The daily grind, the moral wealth, the family binds by means of stealth - a portrait of the national health."

FunSizeSuze 28 Mar 2014

I loved this band so much when I was younger. Let's see what their new album brings.

nobody 28 Mar 2012

This makes me want to jump up and down. Which is a good thing.

LizzyAB 2 Dec 2012