It Is Pitch Dark by MC Frontalot

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functiontelechy 19 Oct 2013

I posted this as a comment to a status update earlier today, but it's been in my head since yesterday afternoon when I picked up my kids. They noticed that the sun was going down and started saying, "We are likely to be eaten by a grue!" #geekkids #raisingemright

yoyology 29 Jan 2014


Flack2Flack 19 Feb 2012

MC Frontalot's ode to early computer text adventures, like Zork, Adventure, etc... I actually understand most

octopaganini 17 Jan 2013

If you enjoy cerebral lyricism in your raps check out my jam this week.

DukeRaccoon 2 Apr 2014

Consider whose fault it could be; not a torch or a match in your inventory.

10Cisco01 12 Jul 2014