Kick Out The Jams by MC5

“RIP. Kick Out The (this is my) Jams!”

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RIP. Kick Out The (this is my) Jams!

ChakaKant 19 Feb 2012

If the ESP rockers the Fugs wanted to levitate the Pentagon, the MC5 wanted to follow Sun Ra into the cosmos.   2

ajtowler 1 Jan 2015

Right. It feels like sacrilege to do so on here, but I'm going to give these remaining Jams less than the week they deserve. Time to start ramping up before archiving. (Coming back on here reminds me just how clean it all is compared to LetsLoop. I'm sure they'll gather with continued 'guidance' from the Jammers.)   7

Fullam 14 Aug 2015

#lastjams Sorry! Obvious one... :-)   7

markcmphillips 25 Sep 2015

From the greatest live album ever released (?)   23

Bukowski 1 Feb 2013

We're still jamming!

nucak 22 Aug 2015