Peace Sells by Megadeth

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This is the song that got me into metal.   1

bobbyboulders 9 Sep 2015

...but who's buying?   6

metallicagirl 26 Jan 2014

Since everyone seems to be going retro metal lately...

kingstontown 24 Mar 2014


jcfrog 16 Feb 2012

What? You saying I'm broke?

bosstoneuk 17 Feb 2014

About the time I was getting properly into metal, there was a late night show on HTV (ITV for Wales) that showed rock/metal videos and it was our only source of accessing rock videos (before MTV, way before YouTube). On the first one I recorded on VHS, they played peace sells. Following weekend, my paper round wages bought the album. Top tune!

silentbazz 27 Jun 2015