Peace Sells by Megadeth

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but jcfrog was first  

This is the song that got me into metal.   1

bobbyboulders 9 Sep 2015

Since everyone seems to be going retro metal lately...

kingstontown 24 Mar 2014

I love heavy metal; its just so ridiculous and over the top, it just makes me happy. This song always makes me laugh

StokieBoyTom 30 Dec 2014

...but who's buying?   6

metallicagirl 26 Jan 2014

What? You saying I'm broke?

bosstoneuk 17 Feb 2014

One of my favorite Megadeth tracks... "What do you mean, "I don't support your system"? I go to court when I have to" :)

DBLAF69 23 Mar 2015