All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor

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Eighty_Ten 30 Dec 2014

You will probably have heard the slick release version of this ( but I had heard and liked Ms Trainor's first live acoustic version ( some time ago. Don't get me wrong, I like the studio version, but I worry that the talent she obviously has is going to be diluted and perhaps lost in the record label treadmill that she's now on. Anyway - this is a good version from a recent live radio session.   13

BarneyRubble 25 Jan 2015

Saw and ad for the Grammys and they were talking about Taylor Swift and and Sam Smith and I saw a real quick clip of a singer and had to find out who she song...I'll get back to my regular "non-cliche'" music in a week...

abirex 9 Feb 2015

In a pop-y mood and this jam is doing it for me. Catchy catchy tune.

maylene 26 Aug 2014

Dammit it's stuck!!! @GLEEonFOX 's fault #glee

laurinharg 14 Feb 2015

A song for and about bigger girls and thick boys. Also check out the music video:

ultramundane 25 Jun 2014