Lately (Troisieme) by Memoryhouse

“I was lucky enough to be sat next to Memoryhouse on the short up-and-down flight from Dallas to Austin on the way to SXSW. Lovely people. I had only heard two songs of theirs which were on a free Beko digital single of "To The Lighthouse" and an earlier version of "Lately" (appended with (Deuxieme.)) Both versions sample Jon Brion's "Phone Call Theme" from the soundtrack, "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind." I always thought I liked Deuxieme better but the newer version has won out. It's lush and dreamy, much like most of Memoryhouse's material: atmospheric, almost-heartbreaking, soundscapes that traffic in gorgeous and lilting.”

This jam is special! The first and only time it’s been posted was by 1908cub in Jun 2013.