Daydreamer by Menswear

“Breathe deeper...”

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Breathe deeper...   3

JoLoup 5 Aug 2015

In the interest of keeping a theme of "90s Brit acts we might rather forget but still most of us secretly own a good chunk of their catalogue"...

BarryFuhrman 2 Aug 2013

Never quite understood the problem with Menswe@r myself #Britpop

steveparker 14 Apr 2014

Hang on, with that at @ in their name shouldn't they be pronounced "mensweater"? #robbiewilliamsdiss   1

thesunneversets 26 Mar 2013

This song pops into my head every so often. Now is such a time.

FasterthanShaun 9 Feb 2012

Joining @CallumPetch for #BritpopWeek - here's a bassline that has been with me for nearly twenty years!   2

turnerjamese 24 Apr 2014