Gimme Shelter by Merry Clayton

“Going to end up like I started with #thisismyjam. With my girl Merry. #fierce #diva #queen

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Going to end up like I started with #thisismyjam. With my girl Merry. #fierce #diva #queen   2

FiletofSoul 25 Aug 2015

It's been a long time coming, but finally I've made it to my 100th jam! Okay, don't all clap at once, I know some of you guys,no names @melissapulo, are well into your hundreds. What can I say ? I've always been late to the party. Anyway, enough of my yakkin', here's Merry Clayton's storming cover of the Stones classic she originally duetted with Mr Jagger on, accompanied by suitably powerful images.   5

garyprice265 28 Apr 2015

Bloody awesome version that I listen to all the time.   4

tomcoates 28 May 2012

Better than the Rolling Stones version. No contest.   2

jjameslive 4 Apr 2015

Storm is threatning

kevinrender7 16 Nov 2013

notes from the YT uploader: Street Fighting Woman! Merry was the woman dueting with Mick on the Rolling Stones' original 1969 recording of "Gimme Shelter". Who better to interpret it the following year than Merry herself? She's accompanied on keys by her friend, the immeasurably important Billy Preston, who was as much the Sixth Stone as the Fifth Beatle in these years. The galloping roar of guitar may be David T. Walker, although the album credits don't clarify. She was born on Christmas Day, and what a gift! "War, children, is just a shot away/ See the fire is sweeping my very streets today..." Any resemblence between the events in this video and the present day is entirely up to you... Be sure to send some love to Merry on her personal MySpace page!: (All rights reserved. Fan-made video for promotion of the artist.) Tym Stevens   11

hsmagnet 8 Sep 2014