For Whom The Bell Tolls by Metallica


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#CliffWeek #DeathJams live performance from "Cliff 'Em All"   15

jackietheripper 30 Aug 2014

Can't stop listening to this tune at the moment. So freakin' good!!

ConorMcManus 7 Mar 2012

Because why the hell not?   5

pwoperfish 29 Jul 2013

Starting the week with a song from my favorite Metallica album.   4

metallicagirl 5 Jan 2015

Today would've been Cliff Burton's 52nd birthday. So in honor of him, here's a little Metallica.   6

metallicagirl 10 Feb 2014

Surprisingly, this is the first Metallica song I ever heard.   1

bobbyboulders 8 Jul 2015