Sad but True by Metallica


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but franmsve was first  

power song for the weekend !!   1

virgicheru83 1 Mar 2014

Fair thee well. #ThisWasMyJam

barneyfett 14 Aug 2015

Been stuck in my head for the past two days and it doesn't look like it's going away; makes the line "I'm forever there" a bit creepy :P Also stuck in my head: Metallicuh-Famalee #Download2012   8

IndiHatter 11 Jul 2013

metalllllllll   9

terence 5 Dec 2013

My all-time Metallica jam. #FinalJams #ThanksTIMJ   1

Dalek 24 Sep 2015


AnnaCisneros78 21 Sep 2015