The Unforgiven by Metallica


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Not really a fan of Metallica but can't ignore this track Glastonbury made me sit up and take more notice!

paullancaster1 8 Nov 2014


Metaldalz 1 Jun 2015

Cos I'm Unforgiven II

5avio 1 Jun 2015

Day 3. This time, it's James Hetfield's rhythm guitar under Kirk's solo. Frigging sublime.   1

juffery 3 Jul 2015

First and best "Unforgiven" from Metallica in my opinion

dasli 10 Nov 2014

#90sWeek It was early 90s when Metallica released the black album. I remember the long wait for getting hold of their new stuff and even when it isn't my favourite album I won't forget the excitement of hearing it for first time.   6

paz99 6 Feb 2015