Clone by Metric

“Too late in the day to take you on / all the rides”

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Too late in the day to take you on / all the rides   7

flaneur 26 Nov 2014

Bo12: Another shiny brilliant tune by this world-class group. Best of 2012.

restless941 14 Jan 2014

I've been listening to this album so much since it's release, I may as well call it my fav. of the year.   1

musicgeek 23 Sep 2012

Just really relating to this song right now, so you get a lyric video. ;)

lyssness 31 Jul 2014

Nothing I've ever done right/ Happened on the safe side (Pre-wrap blues, here we go again)

ColdAsIceCream 26 Jun 2014

Posting some of my favorites songs of 2012 every couple of days until the new year.   1

musicgeek 22 Dec 2012