Combat Baby by Metric


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but xtop was first  

I am pretty late to the Metric train, but I heard this a little over a year ago and was like "Woah. This, now this is rock."

parcheesi336 11 Apr 2015

Because, honestly, this is where my internal monologue is just now   1

kiehlmanniac 3 Sep 2012

I try to be so nice Compromise Who gets it good? Every mighty mild seventies child

Lighthouses4ALL 4 Sep 2014

Discovering the greatness of this canadian band.   2

Gavroulis 30 Nov 2013

I've loved this song since the day I first heard it   1

ERRRskate151 30 Dec 2014

Long time no hear...

stuckindagroove 5 Nov 2014