Reservoir by Metronomy

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But we should never say that we drifted far. Yeah we should take a trip to the reservoir.

brianreece 16 Nov 2014

Love this video, (and the songs not bad either!)   1

jessicahann 19 May 2014

The Metronomy album is fast becoming my favourite of the year. (so far) (probably)   1

davidemery 7 May 2014

practically -anything- by Metronomy

nullphysical 30 Sep 2014

I heard Beirut's new album and it made me think of Metronomy, so then I listened to Metronomy and got distracted, so here we are. We should take a trip to the reservoir.

yeti 15 Sep 2015

just ta-ta-ta, u-ta-ta...

xiona 12 Jan 2015