Tanz der Moleküle by MIA.


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~My heart dances/and every molecule wiggles itself~ is such a very cute and also somehow biologically graphic line

piratemoggy 7 Feb 2014

makes me jump, smile and feel like falling in love. translation: I am here because I belong here I'm in love from tip to toe you're brave because you pledge faithfulness to me between all this beautiful souvenirs talk to me in the time (beat/tact) which is making this song ours break the beat with feeling you're so beautiful 'cause you're laughing chorus: Uhuhuhu... my heart's dancing Uhuhuhu... and every molecule is moving do you believe like me in everything is going to be good as long as we are together? break the ice with this step which makes every breath an adventure hold me tight with feeling it's beautiful when you're laughing and every positron is discharging Uhuhuhu... my heart's dancing Uhuhuhu... and every fibre of me is bending and turning my heart's dancing and my heart's dancing my heart's dancing

LanXin 20 Jun 2014