Billie Jean by Michael Jackson

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why not?

davidpascale2 4 May 2014

Timeless.   1

malevolosidade 24 Aug 2014

Back before he got all weird, Michael Jackson made damn good music.

vincelocke7 2 Sep 2015

this one is just for my beloved mother who passed away 10 days ago. She loved MJ a lot. Now she can see him up there. Love and miss you mom... :(   3

ipekblue 19 Aug 2015

waistcincherbiz 27 Apr 2015

Every time I go to update my jam, this is the example song so I thought I would cave into TIMJ pressure and go for this 80's classic. This is from a time when MJ was still black and a beautiful man. This is how I remember him. Remembering him any other way is 'ignorant'.   2

robyncullwick 10 May 2015