Ten Years Gone by Michael Kiwanuka

“An absolutely cracking version of this Led Zep classic.”

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We can't find this song online. Make it your jam if you know a good link! :)

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An absolutely cracking version of this Led Zep classic.   1

timmydidge 10 Mar 2015

From MOJO Magazine's exceptional "Physical Graffiti Redrawn," a tribute and re-imagining of each song on Led Zeppelin's classic album.

kgosztola 17 Mar 2015

Album: Physical Graffiti Redrawn (MOJO 257 / April 2015)

johnmatthews 1 Apr 2015

the best..

gorgeousblocks 12 Apr 2015

This song is on the mojo magazine Physical Graffiti Redrawn album well worth buying the magazine to get the cd.Some really great covers of the physical Graffiti songs are on it.Enjoy   6

Solmask 22 Feb 2015

‘Ten Years Gone by Michael Kiwanuka’ Beautiful, folky interpretation of the Zeppelin tune. Love it.

ben_towle 9 May 2015