Forty Days And Forty Nights by Mick Jagger & The Red Devils

“When Mick started to record his third solo record Wandering Spirit with Rick Rubin, Rubin suggested doing some sessions with a blues band.Rubin wanted to try and capture the early days of Micks recording career hoping it would provide hunger and inspiration for the new album.So they brought in the Red Devils blues band who had recorded an album with Rick Rubin . They recorded more than a albums worth of blues cover songs but never released it officially except for one song on a Mick Jagger compilation album.Which is a shame because the bootlegs show how good it is. Jagger would go on to record his best solo album in Wandering Spirit mainly down to in my opinion Rick Rubin pushing him to do better. Also by being brutally honest with him about the songs he had wrote for the album much to Jagger's annoyance .He felt Rubin wanted too much control which is amusing considering how controlling Jagger is himself.Anyway Wandering Spirit became Micks best selling solo record .”

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