Magic by Mick Smiley

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from Ghostbusters soundtrack...

carlhellawell 17 Sep 2014

Just saw this on TV, and forgot what a quietly lovely little tune this is.   1

matlock 27 Oct 2013

I believe it's magic.

LuithFG 9 May 2012

please, please, please, let's make some   2

theseantcollins 17 Jan 2013

Without the instrumental break used in the 'NYC goes bad' scene in the film, this would just be a ho-hum 80s ballad.

_gmh_ 25 Feb 2014

Weird song. First half is straightforward mid-eighties pop-rock, then it takes a dark, unexpected left turn. As heard in Ghostbusters! Ah, memories.

fsrlabel 9 Sep 2013