Provider by Midlake

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"Provider, carry on/far from the golden age/follow me down a foxhole in the ground/don't delay..."   1

egosumdaniel 28 Nov 2013

This trundles along quite nicely.   1

ianaspinall9 14 Oct 2013

I'm no good with genres so I don't know what this counts as, but I like it a lot - instrumentation, vocals, effects... pretty extremely solid.

mattlohkamp 3 Mar 2014

New album not a disappointment, loving the Floyd vibe...

sricketts1 6 Nov 2013

First earworm of 2014

furlongthedog 4 Jan 2014

One of the standout tracks from Antiphon. A different but no lesser band since the departure of Tim Smith.

r0b5haw 22 Feb 2014