St Anthony: An Ode to Anthony H Wilson by Mike Garry & Joe Duddell

“Absolutely Fantastic. Website for those interested –

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Absolutely Fantastic. Website for those interested –

edclarke 5 Sep 2015

I felt I had to post this wonderful video and I'll admit I welled up the first time I watched it. Mike Garry's words paint a moving picture of Tony's life and it's touching to see some of his close friends and people who respected/admired him lip-synching the words. I'm sure New Order fans will almost instantly recognise the track that the music is based on :) Love the guy and miss him to this day :)   1

garyprice265 16 Aug 2015

It's a tribute to Anthony H. Wilson - once head you'll never get out of your mind. Brilliant.

kuttowski 16 Aug 2015

If you know your music history, you will appreciate this...

tadd31 21 Aug 2015

#lastjams An ode to Anthony H Wilson, Manchester and so many other things. The central melody from "Your Silent Face" swells in the background, transferred to strings. This is quite old, now, I think, but rather beautiful.   4

markcmphillips 16 Aug 2015