On The Corner by Miles Davis


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The apogee of extended jazz fusion techniques combined with jazz funk exhilaration. The forerunner of post punk, hip hop, drum and bass and electronic music. It is a challenging listen but well worth the intellectual investment; Miles Davis exudes his genius and repays your interest. It is both sublimely complex and sensually funky at the same time. Have a great weekend folks.   19

Bukowski 11 Jul 2014

Waits for the haters but this prob my fav Miles D album...   2

Cavedweller71 11 Aug 2013

This is what's happening.   2

mauricerickard 10 Jun 2014

Last great Miles Davis record. But really, really great.

freenezwandring 7 Apr 2013

Sunday night music (or what's left of it). Paging all fans of The Wire.

Fullam 13 Sep 2015